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On a limited time promotion, we are offering our Pro Level Consultations for FREE! We typically charge $1000.00 per consultation because of the extensive research, analysis and discovery meeting that is required. You will not find this for free with any other company.

If you want to compete in the online marketing world, then you need serious intelligence and a good consultant. Take advantage of this offer now and get educated about your current presence online and what your competition is doing!

We need to understand your business, your products and services, your marketing goals, as well as your past and present marketing efforts to help us devise a sound online marketing strategy for you.

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Thus, when we get down to implementation, every step in the process, and every milestone will be aligned with your marketing goals.

Your free consultation includes the following:

Discovery Meeting

In a discovery meeting, we will review your existing marketing program, your business and operational systems, and determine where there are gaps and opportunities to grow your business using the Power Marketing Program.

We will then provide you with an overview of what your next steps should be to start immediately increasing revenue.


If you’ve done any marketing or advertising for your business ever, at all, I can virtually guarantee that you’ve been making at least 1 of the following 2 common marketing mistakes. And, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing business for 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more, and have been getting what most people would consider pretty good results, I’m here to tell you that these 2 mistakes have cost you a lot of money in lost opportunity and lost business.


There are certain phrases that, if used in your marketing and advertising, will guarantee that your results will be terrible and yes I do guarantee that you are using them in your marketing and advertising right now.

Keyword Research

We identify and recommend keywords and keyword phrases for you based on your business, products or services, and the types of searcher-intent you want to target. You will gain knowledge about the keywords your potential customers are actually typing in when they are searching for the products or services that you're offering.

You will see keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your business with the corresponding search volume, relative SEO and PPC competition, as well as the average cost per click to get an idea of the pay per click advertising value of these terms.

Sample report:


Competition Analysis Report

In this report, you will see how your competitors are ranking for the keywords and keyword phrases we have covered in the Keyword Research Report.

Armed with this knowledge, you can decide what keywords you want to compete for intensively. At the same time, you can choose strong, relevant keywords with relatively low to medium competition, or keywords that are apparently ignored by your competition. This can help you easily rank in Googles search results.

Sample report:


Website Structure Analysis Report

We will analyze your website's structure and basic attributes to give you an idea of the basic improvements that must be done to begin optimizing your website.

We will analyze your home page for the basic elements that should be present in the right form and in the right quantity, as well as your website's compliance with industry standards. We will also analyze your basic off-site SEO and social media presence.

Sample report:


Online Presence Report

We'll show you the major business listings you are showing up in against your competitors. You will see if you are listed in local directories, plus, you will see your citations or the lack of it side-by-side with that of your competition. You will also see an overview of your reputation and reviews compared with that of your competitors.

Sample report:


In order to compete in the online hemisphere, you'll need professional consulting and in-depth research. Lucky for you, we are offering this right now for free. There is no need to have hesitations about investing your marketing budget into online marketing because you will know if it is worth your while after completing a consulting session with us!

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